How to get ahead in life

If your wondering how the ranks work………..

Corporal’s Rank

To obtain this rank you must be aged between 12 and 19, yes you must be a “teenager”

The makings of a sergeant they make for excellent cannon fodder as they run straight at the bullets

Sergeant’s Ranks

I little more mature you must be 20 to 24 for this rank to apply, yes you must be an clubbing maniac with a boy / girl racer attitude

Again good cannon fodder but a little less likely to be that “bothered” when walking back to re-sporn.

Staff Sergeant’s Ranks

Now fully grown and aged between 25 and 29. They are equipped with a job they will go out and obtain the latest and greatest weapons there money can buy, this makes them worthy of the title Cadet as they run into battle with the latest tech AND STILL NO GLUE, but its fun to watch

Officer Cadet

Now aged between 30 and 34, they can achieve levels we only hoped they would. working hard on that job and paying off the mortgage there is some “pent up aggression” which we will release on our enemies without Mersey


Now aged between 35 and 39, THEY NEED TO FIND A WAY TO RELEASE, and so point shoot and be marry with your kill rate


Now aged between 40 and 49, you are in for the long hall, you are wise, children can join in and you are settled with your days, strategy and sending the Corporals in to get blasted are your priorities of the day


Now aged between 50 and 54, you are at the top of your game (haha get it GAME, fine whatever). You are respected, wise and a dominate force on the field, you are the force our enemies fear and so they should……………….

Field Marshal

Now aged over 55, you are the top dog, the man at the top, the head honcho, your word is law and as if it came from the heavens itself.
You will bring our forces to victory against all those who dare to try…………….

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