We are in charge, sort off!!!!!!!

Captain “Demi War God”

Hi, I feel this is all my fault as I started this. Looking for a way for me to have some time with the eldest son (Iron Sights) we tried a day of Airsoft for beginners at “Drivers Wood” and feel in love with it there and then.

The oldest of the bunch and nearly a Colonel (on the blog site how we work this out) I can say I love it, been shooting in one form or another for 30 years and having grown up with no internet, its easy to enjoy something that’s not “connected”. FYI I am a senior computer architect so I get the irony in that statement….


Born in the late 70s so grew up with little to do as the Internet was yet to be invited. Played doge the train for 30 years on the railways as a member of the S&T until health and safety laws step in and made it boring. I got into cycling which is still a hobby along with fast cars and Beer. Dislike pronouns and modern health and safety laws.